Believing Is Seeing

I thought this post was a great read and wanted it to share it with all of you! It goes along really well with my post on Expectations. JT is a good friend of mine I met a few years back and inspires me every time I talk to him. I hope he inspires you as well.

re:set, re:wind

Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing. – Little Elf Judy, The Santa Clause

When I was a kid I believed Santa came every Christmas; The Easter Bunny was Willy Wonka’s delivery boy; and the Tooth Fairy was loaded to give a dollar to every lost tooth.

What kid doesn’t? You can see it in their eyes the genuine joy they experience when their belief is realized. Y’know what? It’s the same for adults.

We all laugh at how as kids we believed such things, and yet it was for that very reason we put so much effort in to make things happen. Confucius has said, “He who thinks he can and he who thinks he can’t are both right.” So with that in mind, what do we believe?

We may believe:
Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Go to college, get a job, live the dream.
If one man can, another…

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